Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing, relaxation and stress reduction. It is a highly individualized therapy that provides a simple, natural, and safe method for spiritual healing and self-improvement. The Reiki Therapist lays one’s hands over the recipient to recalibrate the life force energy. Recipients of Reiki have reported sensations of heat during the therapy and lingering feelings of renewed vibrancy thereafter.

I am a certified Reiki practitioner who believes that blocked or imbalanced life force energy can cause us to feel stress or sickness, whereas dynamic and balanced life force energy can hels us stay happy and healthy.

Rates begin at $50 per 30 minutes or $95 per hour. Clients may choose to book a standalone Reiki session, or add Reiki Therapy prior to or following private Yoga instruction. Reiki sessions can be held at The Yoga Tree in Haverhill, MA, at my home in Dracut, MA or in some cases at the client’s home. Please email me to schedule a session.