Wise Young Minds Training (Meditation for Children)

Ever-grateful for my personal practice of meditation and eager to demystify the process for both children and adults, I have developed a “Wise Young Minds” training focused on children’s meditation. In this training we explore:

  • yogic and scientific understanding of meditationEvaAmeliameditate
  • particular considerations for children, including children with special needs
  • many meditation exercises to try, using varied approaches (mindfulness, sound vibration, color, writing, etc.)
  • how to write one’s own guided meditation/visualization

I offer between 6 and 16 hours of teaching on these topics, so format and content are flexible. I would love to hear from you if you would like to host my “Wise Young Minds” training for your community, include it as a Meditation module within your longer form Children’s Yoga Teacher Training curriculum, or provide this guidance in any other setting. I am honored to currently offer this module to Kidpowerment Yoga and Stretch What Matters trainees.