Kind Words

You made my day. It really was like going back to the well to drink–I apparently was very thirsty for one of your classes. Seriously, you are such a gifted teacher–you bring so much lightness to the class–and a great practice. What I like is that you are spiritual without being too heavy. It is a lovely and refreshing mix. – Fran, Quincy, MA

Thanks for for always making me feel so well cared for. Your ability to openly share your own experiences is inspiring and incredibly brave. Nobody is better than you at seeing the bright spots on dim nights. – Cori, Haverhill, MA

Yoga is a gift for me, and you helped me to realize the strength and beauty of that gift on more levels than you may ever realize. Thank you for all that you have given me and continue to give. – Nick, Cambridge, MA

Thank you for the private session. I can’t believe how much of a difference those handstand tips made. Thanks too for your generosity with the Reiki. The universe is more and more amazing to me the more I open myself up to it. Wow. I know you hear this often, but you are a very special person with such gifts. Thank you for sharing them. – Lisa, Haverhill, MA

This class changed the way I looked at my schoolwork, pressures from family and friends, my job search – my whole life. It’s an awesome way to add perspective to any stressful experience, especially an MIT education. It’ll go down in history as my favorite class in college. – Shamarah, Cambridge, MA

Checka’s big smile and upbeat nature set the tone for her classes: energetic, challenging and restorative. Her encouragement and enthusiasm have helped me greatly to expand my practice (at 7 am!) and build strength from a previous injury. – Merry, Quincy, MA

Just wanted to let you know that ALL evening and still this morning Nat was talking about how great yoga was and how it had ‘worked’— calmed her down, made her feel good. This morning she was sure to show me her post-breakfast poses, and announced ‘I wish yoga was EVERY day!’  – Kate, mom of young yogini Natalie, Cambridge,  MA