What Is Aloha Soul?

Kua Bay Trip 074In the Fall of 2006 I moved from Boston to the Big Island of Hawaii to live and work for a year at a yoga and wellness retreat center called Kalani.

Before this, I had heard talk of “Aloha Spirit” here and there, but honestly didn’t pay too much attention. I figured it was more of a slogan or a “catch phrase.”

I was wrong.

I began to FEEL Aloha the moment I stepped off the plane in Hawaii. It was in the air that softened my skin, the fragrance that sweetened every breeze, the unending delights for my tired eyes. It was in the pace of life, unrushed and earnest. It was in the human understanding that there is always time for a smile or a simple favor.

picture-6Every day in Hawaii was profoundly healing; there were gifts all around me and I was hungry for them. I filled myself with nature, kindness, companionship and, of course, yoga and meditation. I grew nourished. I released the weight of years of stress and self-doubt. As I grew lighter, sweeter, and contented in allowing myself to receive – I found myself wanting to GIVE MORE.

I did not want to give only in exchange for what I had received. I did not want to give only to specific people or groups who had helped me, huddling under some imagined karmic equation hanging over my head. I just wanted to give what I could offer to those whom it could nourish.

225680_6873896364_4950_nThis is the spirit of Aloha, to me. We give and we receive. It isn’t a system of checks and balances. Life is not about who owes what to whom. We take what we need, what will fill us up, with gratitude but without guilt or excess. Our contentment perpetuates the flow of our giving – to our planet, to our fellow beings, to the energy we all co-create.

Aloha is a spirit…a practice…a way of life.

It’s the greatest lesson the beautiful Hawaiian people and land have taught me, and my commitment is to live and share it wherever I am. I try to feel it in my bones, my words, my thoughts, and my choices – all the way to my Aloha Soul. Please join me if you feel called, to co-create harmony in practice and in life. Together we shine light on a more peaceful, purposeful path!