Kind Words

You made my day. It really was like going back to the well to drink–I apparently was very thirsty for one of your classes. Seriously, you are such a gifted teacher–you bring so much lightness to the class–and a great practice. What I like is that you are spiritual without being too heavy. It is a lovely and refreshing mix. – Fran, Quincy, MA

Thanks for for always making me feel so well cared for. Your ability to openly share your own experiences is inspiring and incredibly brave. Nobody is better than you at seeing the bright spots on dim nights. – Cori, Haverhill, MA

Yoga is a gift for me, and you helped me to realize the strength and beauty of that gift on more levels than you may ever realize. Thank you for all that you have given me and continue to give. – Nick, Cambridge, MA

Thank you for the private session. I can’t believe how much of a difference those handstand tips made. Thanks too for your generosity with the Reiki. The universe is more and more amazing to me the more I open myself up to it. Wow. I know you hear this often, but you are a very special person with such gifts. Thank you for sharing them. – Lisa, Haverhill, MA

This class changed the way I looked at my schoolwork, pressures from family and friends, my job search – my whole life. It’s an awesome way to add perspective to any stressful experience, especially an MIT education. It’ll go down in history as my favorite class in college. – Shamarah, Cambridge, MA

Checka’s big smile and upbeat nature set the tone for her classes: energetic, challenging and restorative. Her encouragement and enthusiasm have helped me greatly to expand my practice (at 7 am!) and build strength from a previous injury. – Merry, Quincy, MA

Thank you so much for the training in Orleans. It was a life changing and affirming experience. I have used what you taught us every day since. My boys are slowly becoming converts and even ask for Radiant Child techniques to stop nightmares, relieve soccer cramps and to breathe and focus before a test. I have been very fortunate to have many willing volunteers to help me develop my children’s yoga practice. Everyone I have shared Radiant Child Yoga with has asked to return for more. The children are teaching parents, siblings and classmates! I was asked to come teach a short class at my son’s elementary school. Radiant Child Yoga connects with the child and the parents. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to train with you and to experience Radiant Child Yoga! – Tami McGeough, Orleans, MA

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your fountain of knowledge, your life stories and experiences, your bountiful energy and your more-than-positive-vibes with myself and the rest of the ladies at Yoga4Everybody this weekend. You never ceased to entertain me, inspire me and make me smile. If I could be an ounce of the teacher that you obviously are, I would consider myself a good teacher, a real success. You ooze warmth, love, empathy and compassion for all around you. Go forward in life, knowing that you touch not only peoples’ lives, but you go that step further and reach in deeper, touching their/our hearts. You are an amazing person! You have put pep in my step and re-enthused my children’s yoga teaching! – Rachel Thornton, Fairfield, CT

There are a few things in my life, trainings, teachings, workshops, experiences, that really feed my soul in a way it is starving for. This was absolutely one of those for me and my daughter (and even my baby son). I just came home inspired and full of excitement. I am doing yoga every day. I’m sore and joyful and strong. – Erin Glasser-DeVore, Anchorage, AK

Firstly, I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful training. It was an incredible weekend and so much fun. It reminded me why I love yoga so much and also why I really want to work with kids – the joy and ease with which you taught us, your presence and humor, it was all so beautiful to experience. Having done a pretty intense 200hr, I needed this bolt of fun and inspiration for my teaching, as well as my own practice. Thank you so much and very much look forward to the chance to train with you again for the Level 3 weekend! – Ali Sager, Cambridge, MA

I wanted to thank you for the truly amazing weekend training/retreat you provided this weekend. I was so excited to go to the training, but I never expected to get out of it what I did. I’m still processing a great deal of it – not so much what we learned regarding the children’s yoga teaching/instruction (although that was wonderful and exciting and fun), but more so how I came away from this weekend changed. The yoga we did, the work on our inner selves throughout the weekend, and learning about breath and the chants and meditations… I came away feeling as though I had finally been able to access a part of me that I’ve been trying desperately to access for a long time now. I just feel as though my heart has been opened even more and it’s such an awesome feeling. – Amy Kobelski, Mahwah, NJ