Meditation has many beneficial effects on children’s emotional, mental, intellectual and even physical wellness. Studies show that this practice can help children develop a stronger sense of security, comfort and confidence – which can reduce impulsiveness, ease stress and encourage self-regulation.

I am honored to have collaborated with my teacher Shakta Khalsa to provide two collections of guided practices so you can share the power of meditation with the children in your life.

Sprouted from deep within our hearts and honed by years of teaching, these albums offer a balance between communicating in a way that honors children’s depth and wisdom and giving them tools that are fun and relevant to their lives and interests.

Featuring original music by the talented Marcello Antifonario, the guided meditations and relaxations are soothing, uplifting, and help children stay connected to who they truly are.

Check out my “Bluebird Meditation” (from Rainbow Walk) for free, and then click on the titles below to download individual tracks or full albums!

Rainbow Walk for ages 3-8
Children's meditation rainbow walk CD by Checka Yoga

You Are Made of Energy for ages 9-14
children's meditation you are made of energy by Checka Yoga